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October 2015 Newsletter

Tame Your Trees Once and for All

Get the 411 on everything from spotting a diseased tree to trimming trees to figuring out how insurance works when a neighbor's tree falls in your yard. READ MORE.

How to Protect Your Tech

Hackers, viruses and malware—oh, my! Do you know how to keep your devices safe? READ MORE.

Video: Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month

Hear the inspiring story of one Hispanic-American ERIE Agent and business owner. READ MORE.

'Plae' With Your Food in Green Bay

Learn how one restaurant does farm-to-table and which dish they recommend you try. READ MORE

5 Must-Haves for Your Car Emergency Kit

There is a good chance you don't have these items stashed in your vehicle—but you should.

Workers' Comp for Telecommuters?

Many workers now telecommute. Are they covered for on-the-job injuries like regular workers?

Video: Actor Anthony Anderson Makes a Pitch for Life Insurance

Find out why the right coverage is still possible on a limited budget.

A Beginner's Guide to 'I Do'

A bride-to-be shares lessons learned on her way to the altar.