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May 2017

Do the Hustle: What You Should Know About the Rise of the Side Business

The "gig economy" (aka the side hustle) is a booming new job market. Here's what you need to know and do for insurance coverage. READ MORE

You Love It, We Insure It

Smile! Summer is almost here, and that means more time with your boats, motorcycles, RVs and ATVs. Find out what options ERIE offers to protect your favorite rides. READ MORE

Self-Defense Can Be Costly – Make Sure Your Assets Are Protected

ERIE recently introduced a coverage that kicks in if you ever have to defend yourself or your family in a threatening situation. READ MORE

The Hidden Risk Most Homeowners Ignore

Underground service lines help your home run smoothly, but if they're ever damaged, you could be on the hook for thousands of dollars. Find out how ERIE can help protect your home and your wallet. READ MORE



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