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May 2016

Home Maintenance 101: How to Expect the Unexpected

Only one in four American homeowners keeps a home maintenance fund for routine repairs. Check out which repairs would benefit from just such a fund—and why these repairs matter so much. READ MORE

Top Pet Tips (and an Adorable Dog Video)

This heartwarming video shows the lengths we go to care for our pets—and how they, in turn, care for us. READ MORE

Is Ridesharing Driving Down DUIs?

Great news! New evidence is making a connection between ridesharing and safer roads. READ MORE

Distractions #whiledriving Take a Doubly Scary Turn

ERIE recently examined social media hashtags to determine what distracts drivers the most. READ MORE

Quiz: Are You Risky or Reliable?

Take this five-question quiz to find out if you're cautious—or throw care to the wind. READ MORE

Video: Lawn Mower Safety Tips

Lawn mowers injure more than 80,000 Americans each year, but many of those injuries could be avoided by following a few simple tips. READ MORE

12 Motorcycle Rallies to Check Out This Summer

Attention, motorcycle enthusiasts: Here are 12 exciting events worth checking out this summer. READ MORE

Video: How to Safely Use Keyless Ignition

These new keys are convenient and cutting-edge, but they have risks that traditional car keys don't. READ MORE