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May 2015 Newsletter

People Do Some Pretty Crazy Things Behind the Wheel

People Admit to Odd Behavior in Distracted Driving Survey

Reading a book, taking a selfie, applying makeup—Americans' distracted driving habits come in many forms. Find out which bizarre behaviors people admitted to in our survey. READ MORE.

Ask ERIE: How Do You Insure a Home Being Constructed?

A home under construction has special coverage needs. READ MORE.

Infographic: 9 Ways ERIE Shaped the Future of Insurance

We took a look back at ERIE's most innovative moments throughout our 90 years in business. READ MORE.

Connected Car Technology Takes a Leap Forward

From safety to entertainment to convenience, today's high-tech cars offer more than ever. READ MORE

How to Survive a Power Outage

It pays to not be in the dark about prepping for a power outage.

Video: How to Have a Safe and Successful Yard Sale

Check out our tips for pricing your items and keeping them safe.

Quiz: ERIE's Craziest Coverage Requests

See some of the most unconventional requests ERIE underwriters have received over the years.

Video: Sound Waves That Can Extinguish a Fire

Find out what this new development means for the future of fire safety.