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March 2016 Newsletter

7 Steps For Using Social Media to Grow Your Business

Social media sites offer more than a way to keep in touch with friends and follow your favorite brands. As a business owner, they also give you a relatively inexpensive and easy way to grow your business. READ MORE

Chip Cards and Payments: What You Need to Know and Do

Everyone seems to be talking about chip cards lately. It's all over the news and many businesses have already made the switch to accept new forms of payment. But do you know what it means for your business? Get a quick run-down on the essential information. READ MORE

Are You Covered When a Customer Claims Harassment, Discrimination?

If a customer alleges that one of your employees engaged in a wrongful act like sexual harassment or discrimination, would you be covered? Many business owners may not realize that they have a gap in their insurance coverage that leaves them vulnerable in these situations. READ MORE

Four Business Lessons You Can Learn from the Movie 'Joy'

Ready to read a tale of entrepreneurial ingenuity? Find out what you learn from the award-winning movie "Joy" (only one or two spoilers, we promise) and how you can apply it to your business. READ MORE