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June/July 2015 Newsletter

Rental Insurance: What You Should Know

If I rent a house or apartment, how much insurance do I need?

We hear that question a lot. Generally, we advise Customers that they should have enough insurance to replace all of their personal possessions in the event of a burglary, fire or other covered disaster. One of the easiest ways to help determine the value of all your personal possessions—including furniture, clothing, electronics, appliances, jewelry and even linens—is to create a home inventory. This detailed list includes the estimated value of all of your personal possessions.

With rentals, another hot trend is peer-to-peer home sharing or short-term rental opportunities through websites like Airbnb. It can be a great way to bring in extra money, but it can also leave you financially vulnerable. If you’re considering renting your home, your guest room or even your couch, your first step should be to contact us. We can help ensure you’re covered properly.

Four Common Myths about Tornadoes

Tornadoes can strike any day or night throughout the year. It’s important to know the truth about the common misconceptions regarding tornadoes.

Do tornadoes cross rivers?

Should you open windows in your house to equalize pressure?

Is the southwest corner of a building the safest?

Do tornadoes skip across the ground?

Uncover the answers on disastersafety.org.


811=The Number to Call Before Digging

Digging projects of any size and duration pose a risk to your utilities, others and yourself. Learn why it's so important to make the free and easy call to 811. READ MORE.

Car Voice Systems: A Positive Development or Another Distraction?

See what the safety experts have to say about this emerging technology. READ MORE.

Video: How to Avoid Dog Bites

Get tips on how to be a responsible owner and how to behave around dogs you don't know. READ MORE.