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January 2015 Newsletter

Find the Safest New Cars

Looking for a deal on a 2014 vehicle? Check out the 2014 Top Safety Picks by IIHS

Find a Repair Shop

After a car accident, you can select your own auto body shop or one that ERIE recommends.

Share Your Story

Happy with our agency’s service? Share your story with Erie Insurance.

Video: Time to Change Your Tires

Bald tires contribute to accidents, especially in inclement weather. Learn how to check your tire treads.

Protect Pets from Winter Weather

Take extra precautions during the winter months to keep your pets safe and warm.

Make an Emergency Action Plan

It’s always better to be prepared. Here are 4 steps to take to create one for your family.

Review Seasonal Safety Tips

How to avoid some of the most common seasonal hazards, from sledding accidents to cooking fires.

Conduct an Annual Review to Maintain the Best Coverage

Don’t let another year go by without reviewing, and updating, your coverage.

Major life events, and even some seemingly unimportant ones, might affect your coverage and require adjustments to your policy to make sure you’re still properly covered. Adding a new teen driver, getting married, adding another car to your policy and purchasing expensive items are all occasions when you should update your insurance coverage. There are also opportunities to expand coverage like adding roadside assistance, which could pay for reasonable towing and required labor costs at the site of the vehicle breakdown.

Contact us to ask for a free, no-obligation annual review. We can provide you with coverage updates to fit your needs.

No Surprises at the Rental Car Counter

Sometimes the level of auto insurance coverage that you have isn’t the one you need. Let ERIE’s Transportation Expense Coverage¹ make sure that doesn’t happen when you’re in an accident and need a rental car.

ERIE’s Transportation Expense Coverage gives you the option to choose what kind of rental you’d like. Too often, Customers find out at the rental counter they’re covered for a smaller vehicle than they need. ERIE offers five classes of vehicles to choose from, ranging from Class 1, compact sedan, to Class 5, luxury sedan or large SUV. For an additional cost or premium, you can purchase a higher class of coverage, and by extension, a higher class vehicle.

Having the right type of rental should be the last of your worries when dealing with an accident. Contact us to discuss your coverage and find out which class is the right one for you.

How to Overcome Winter Weather Woes

Winter isn’t just a time to revel in the beauty of snow. Property owners need to take extra precautions to ensure that the cold and freezing temperatures don’t have costly effects on their home or business.

There are so many hazards you can encounter during the winter: power outages, frozen pipes, roof damage, ice dams, and the list goes on. Visit DisasterSafety.org/freezing_weather for property information on nearly every winter hazard imaginable. Learn how to reduce your winter weather risks, and other weather risks, all in one place. Eriesense, from Erie Insurance, also provides a number of articles with winter weather related tips and best practices.