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August 2015 Newsletter

Quiz: Can We Guess Your Car Color?

It's been shown that certain people gravitate toward certain car colors. Answer our quick, 7-question quiz to see if we can guess your car's color. READ MORE.

Video: Chompin' At the Savoy in Pittsburgh

John Bettis shares what it takes to start your own restaurant in this installment of ERIE's "No Regrets Road Trip." READ MORE.

How to Tame Your Trees

Get the 411 on everything from spotting a diseased tree to trimming trees to figuring out how insurance works when a neighbor’s tree falls in your yard. READ MORE.

Motorcycle Survey Reveals Riders’ Top 5 Pet Peeves

We asked nearly 200 U.S. motorcycle riders to share their top annoyances and more – and you won't believe what they said. READ MORE

How to Prevent Credit Card Skimming
Skimming is one of the sneakiest ways to steal your identity—but you can help prevent it with three easy tips.

How to Decorate a Dorm on a Budget
Learn how to spruce things up without breaking the bank, how to prevent theft and how insurance covers college students' stuff.

Could Passwords Become Extinct?
Companies are experimenting with alternatives to traditional text passwords.

What You Need to Know About Carbon Dioxide
Avoiding this lethal gas is easier than you think.