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April 2015 Newsletter

Are you guilty of these driving no-nos?

Lizzie Post's Driving Etiquette Tips

The etiquette expert weighs in on when it's okay to honk—and much more. READ MORE

Ask ERIE: How Do You Insure a Home Being Constructed?

A home under construction has special coverage needs. READ MORE

Cities Debut Pothole Reporting Technology

The Internet is making it easier than ever to report—and avoid—potholes. READ MORE

Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Lead Paint?

Did you know there's lead paint in 38 million American homes? Learn more in our 11-question quiz. READ MORE

Life Insurance and Health Conditions

Having less-than-ideal health doesn't automatically disqualify you from getting life insurance.

Insurance to Protect Your Nest Egg

Find out how you can safeguard your retirement savings from a large, unexpected loss.

Top Home Buying Tips

Learn what to look for during a showing, how to find a trusted home inspector and more.

Seven Benefits of Driving a Stick Shift

One woman explains why she only buys manual transmission cars.