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June 2016 – Business Sense

How to Create an Effective Loyalty Program

Loyalty programs are a low-cost way to encourage repeat business. Here are four kinds to consider, along with tips to get your program up and running. Read More

Five Tips to Boost Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is a hot topic, but there’s no getting around the fact that it can be challenging for any business to achieve. Try these 5 tips to help boost employee engagement and morale at your business. Read More

Video: Life Insurance Keeps a Dream Alive for Family, Business

See how life insurance kept a family and one man's dream business afloat after a sudden death. No one likes to think about these things, but we know we should. This heartfelt story details how a father financially protected his family and his business. Read More

Webinars: Laws that Business Owner Should Know

Have you ever had to fire an employee? Do you know the federal laws for payroll record keeping? As a business owner or a manager, there’s a lot you need to know regarding employees’ rights under the law. Two recorded webinars offer insight on these important topics. Read More